Looking for a car?

  • Know what you're looking for before you walk into the dealership. The internet is an excellent research tool that can help you with everything from prices and specifications to independent reviews. If you go in prepared you are in a much better position to start wheeling and dealing.
  • Buying a used vehicle. 
    • o Inspect vehicle body for damages: Dents, Scratches, Differing, paint finishes 
  • Inspect vehicle engine, etc: Includes service records/receipts, logbook, etc
  • Ask for documentation, it is key. If the owner doesn’t keep a record of service or any other work done to the car, then chances are he’s hiding something or hasn’t taken good care of the car. Imported cars can be hard to find documentation for. If the car has been in the country for a while ask for as much info that they can supply. Use good judgment to avoid headaches later.
  • Mileage is not always a huge factor. If the owner can honestly say that the mileage is all (or majority highway) then high kilometres shouldn’t scare you. It’s healthier for the engine to run on the highway then in the city. However make sure you can verify this.

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