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Kiwi Car Loans offers competitive vehicle finance with a wide range of lenders. Our team provides professional and efficient service, working with customers to find affordable options for their next car, bike, caravan, boat or business. We have a strong relationship with dealerships and lenders nationwide and offer a 100% online process with excellent customer service. Apply in four easy steps, get a quick quote or use our calculator to secure the best car finance deals in NZ. Call us today on 0800 008 888.

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We work all days of the week to make sure smarter finance is made available to our customers on all days, including weekends! Call us to find out more and why we have over 25,000 happy customers.

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What our customers say about us

Tyler has been brilliant to deal with. I got in touch in a Sunday mid morning and had approval by Sunday afternoon. Can’t recommend him enough. He worked in with me and my needs and made sure everything was as seamless as it could be. Nothing was a problem and he was always quick to get back to me with answers to my questions. I’d definitely use him again.

Hilda E

Kiwi car loans are awsome i would like to say thank you to rachael and the team for making things so easy for me and they were great to deal with i would recommend them to anybody once again thanks heaps.

Lorne Thompson

Rachael is soo amazing.. She got everything done so quickly.. She was very friendly and easy to deal with. Thank You so much Rachael. Will definitely recommend you

Shanel Reddy

Ben and Rachael are the best finance broker i've never see in my life, Rachael is lovely friendly lady help us a lot. easy understand and high efficiency communicate. highly recommend to anyone who needs car finance.

YuLong Ning

Great service from these guys! Shweta is very prompt and professional and made sure everything was processed smoothly. She even went on holiday close to contract being signed and made sure that there were people to cover. Would use these guys again for sure!

Dave Willingham

Have had the out most amazing service for Jannine. She definitely worked very hard to help us get where we needed to be and with what we wanted!!! I would 110% recommend her and I will definitely be a return customer.

Hope Toon


1. What is car finance?

Car finance or vehicle finance is when you borrow money from a financial lender for the purpose of buying a car. There is an agreement between the borrower and the lender which outlines the total amount borrowed, interest rate, monthly repayments and total term of the finance agreement along with other terms & conditions.

Car finance can either be secured, where you need collateral as security (mainly the vehicle you're purchasing) or unsecured, where you don’t need collateral but the financial lender can use your credit rating to determine your eligibility. Kiwi Car Loans offer both & options so get in contact with us today to find out more.

2. How does car finance work?

Understanding the car finance process and how it works can help you get approval on your car loans quicker. This removes the stress of waiting for a car that you may need for work or emergencies purposes. Below we have provided a summary of the process that we use at Kiwi Car Loans:

Find a car you can afford = first you need to find a car or vehicle that you can afford to pay back plus interest.

Have the right documentation = second you will need to have the right documentation in order to apply for car finance. These documents include; proof of income like an employee contract or pay slip, electronic bank statement, proof of residence like a utility bill and lastly proof of identity like a drivers licence.

Estimate your deposit = in some cases in order to get approval you may need to put a down payment towards the loan in order to be approved. So please contact your financial provider to determine if this is required.

Establish how much you are eligible for = this is determined by the financial lender by considering your monthly income, current debts, expenses etc. One way to find this out is by using our to determine how much you can borrow.

Know your credit history = your credit score will determine if your loan application will be approved and what terms may be placed on the loan. Having this ready in advance will help speed up the application process.

Settle with Kiwi Car Loans! with all the above documents in place, now is the time to submit your application to us. Once you have applied, we will make an assessment based on the documents provided and either approve or decline your car finance application. If approved then you are ready to purchase your vehicle.

Servicing the loan = Once you have purchased your vehicle, you will need to start repaying or servicing the car loan which entails paying the weekly, fortnightly or monthly loan repayments plus interest and any other loan fees outlined in the agreement.

Kiwi Car Loans can help you get the best rates in the market as per your affordability and financial situation so get in with one or our brokers today.

3. Who can apply for car finance?

If you’re a New Zealand resident or visa holder over 18 years of age, hold a valid New Zealand driver licence and have regular income, you can apply for car finance with us.

4. How do you apply for car finance?

Each of our lenders have different requirements depending on your circumstance, however we would require the below to start working on your application.

a. Proof of Income

Latest 2 payslips or a bank statement showing the last 90 days transactions. You can also use the following link to send your bank statements to us - once you log in, we will automatically receive a list of your last 90 days transactions.

b. Proof of Residence

Please send a copy of a Utility Bill, Bank Statement or Government issued letter in your name, with your current address, dated within the last 3 months.

c.Proof of Identity

A clearly readable copy of your driver’s licence or proof of age card.

5. Should I get car finance?

A question we get a lot at Kiwi Car Loans is, are car finance agreements worth it? Getting car finance can benefit you in multiple ways, be it you simply don’t have the savings to purchase a car outright or several other factors which we have outlined below:

Promptness = car finance lenders, especially those operating online, can process your application in a very short time, offering immediate access to the cash required to purchase your car. This might be for an emergency or for work and so getting car finance may be a necessity.

Low rates & higher loan amounts = if you get a then you may be able to get a larger loan with lower interest rates. Another way you can change the loan amount is to trade in your old car and finance the difference in price.

100% financing = if you don’t have the savings for the upfront costs of the loan then you can apply for 100% finance which means we can fund your purchase 100%.

Tax deductions = If you are purchasing the car for a business then the car finance can be tax deductible.

Build credit history & improve credit score = lastly getting car finance in NZ also gives you the chance to build up a positive credit history if you make the payments outlined in the finance agreement. This in turn improves your credit score which can help with applications of further financing agreements.

6. What interest rate do you charge?

Interest rates vary depending on your profile – your credit rating and other factors like how well you have paid off loans in the past, whether you are a homeowner, have any dependents, secondary income, etc. If you're interested in finding out more please get in contact with us on .

7. How do I calculate car finance repayments?

The easiest way to calculate car finance repayments and interest is by using our online . If you have any questions on how the calculator works please get in contact with one of the team today.

8. Can you sell or transfer a car under finance?

The short answer is yes but you will need to take into account whether the car finance is secured or unsecured.

For a secured car loan where the security for the loan is the car itself then you will need to speak with your finance provider first. If the security of the car loan is not the car your purchasing then you can sell the car as normal. However you will still need to pay for the car loan regardless.

For an unsecured car loan you can sell the car as normal, but again you will still need to pay back the car loan regardless.

9. What does refinancing a car loan mean?

Refinancing a car loan is when you replace your current loan with a new loan from a new financial lender. The reason people refinance their car loans is to save money by reducing the interest rate they are charged or by reducing the length of the loan term. It is best to consult with an experienced car loan provider to find out if refinancing is a good option for your situation.

10. How long does it take to get an answer?

We aim to get back to you within a couple of hours. If you would like to discuss your application urgently, please call us on .

11. Do you offer no-deposit car loans?

Yes, we certainly offer no- deposit car loans, apply or contact us on .

12. I was already declined elsewhere – can I still re-apply?

We work with 17 lenders across Tier 1 to Tier 4, so if you have been declined elsewhere there could be a possibility, we will be able to place you with another lender you haven’t been to previously. Our team of are experts at scoping the right fit for your individual circumstance.

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Variety of finance options
Kiwi Car Loans is the home of great rate finance approvals. We have access to a variety of finance options, and we look to find you the best finance option.

Easy application process
We work with New Zealand's best lenders and ensure a seamless and efficient financing process for our clients.

The fastest and best finance service
Client satisfaction is our top priority, and our professional team will work 7 days a week to bring you the fastest and best finance approvals to suit your requirements.

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Our goal is to give each client the best finance rates, enabling them to enjoy fewer monthly payments.

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