Caravan Loans

Caravan Loans

Searching for low rate caravan and RV finance?

Kiwi Car Loans specialises in loans for RV's, camper vans, camper trailer and motor homes. We finance New Zealand wide for all types of recreational vehicles including caravans, RVs, motor homes and camper trailers.

Why not talk to us today? With more caravan finance options, cheap rates better than the banks can offer and a team of dedicated brokers at the ready, Kiwi Car Loans can have you on the road for your next adventure in no time!

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Secured and Unsecured Caravan Finance

Whether you’re looking at the latest and greatest motor home with all the latest gadgets or a serious off-road camper trailer, Kiwi Car Loans is here to help with the perfect caravan loan package.

New Zealand is blessed to have some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world. Why not take the whole family exploring in a motorhome or hitch up a caravan or camper trailer with easy and affordable repayments on finance tailored to suit your budget.


Caravan Loan Options

Whether you’re looking for the lowest rate caravan finance and want to pay out your finance as fast as possible or require the flexibility that a personal caravan loan offers, you can be sure that Kiwi Car Loans will search products from dozens of financiers to tailor a package that suits your specific needs. We’re on your side and speak to the financiers on your behalf to get you the best possible caravan finance to suit your budget.

Types of caravan finance

Secured Caravan or RV Loan

A secured caravan or RV loan means that the lender finances the caravan then they secure the finance against your caravan. This reduces the risk or exposure for the lender, thereby generally reducing the interest rate applicable on the finance. Secured loans are usually available for both new and used caravans, RVs, Motorhomes.

Private Sale Caravan Loan

If you have found the perfect caravan through a private sale vendor and your bank just won’t finance your dream caravan, don’t stress – this is a very common story. Kiwi Car Loans has access to a panel of lenders who offer finance for private sales and we can make purchasing a caravan or RV from a private seller fast, easy and affordable. Simply speak to the team for more information.

Personal Boat Loan

Whether you’re looking to purchase an older model caravan or motorhome or restore and renovate your current recreational vehicle, an unsecured personal caravan loan may be the right choice for you. Contact one of our specialist caravan finance consultants today to see how fast and easy financing a caravan, RV, motorhome or camper trailer can be with Kiwi Car Loans.

Finding the perfect caravan can be hard, but finding the perfect caravan loan can be easy with Kiwi Car Loans. It’s simple to apply online and can take less than 3 minutes to get your caravan finance pre-approval today. 

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Flexible and Affordable Caravan Loans Tailored to Suit Your Needs

Flexibility and the freedom to choose options that suit you, that’s the Kiwi Car Loans Difference

Caravanning is all about freedom. The freedom to enjoy the vast and picturesque natural wonders that New Zealand has to offer. Kiwi Car Loans makes flexibility a core part of our caravan finance solutions.

Our team of experts get to know you and your lifestyle to find you the perfect, affordable caravan finance package to compliment your lifestyle. Our specialist caravan finance consultants then use their wealth of experience and our trusted network of financiers to tailor a finance package that fits you best.

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Don’t take our word for it, let our friendly caravan finance specialists tailor the best possible caravan finance solution to your individual needs and budget.

Why not talk to us today? With better than bank rates and a team of dedicated consultants waiting to speak to you, Kiwi Car Loans can have you out exploring New Zealand in no time!

At Kiwi Car Loans, we’ll help you get on the road sooner with tailored caravan, RV, motor home and camper trailer finance packages!

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