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12 Tips to Get the Best Deals from Car Dealers

Thursday, 10 June 2021

12 Tips to Get the Best Deals from Car Dealers

When shopping for a new or used car from NZ car dealers, every potential buyer wants the best car deals. You’ll hate browsing a local car website the following day only to realize the salesperson was smart enough to pocket extra dollars from the sale—it happens all the time.

Here’s the thing: before you walk into the showroom or car dealership, know what you want and prepare enough. That way, you increase your chances of getting the best financial deals. Don’t worry if that looks like so much work; at Kiwi Car Loans, we’ll get you custom deals based on your situation.

That notwithstanding, let’s expound in detail the 12 tips that will position you for the best car deals from car dealers in NZ.


Have the Right Car’s Information

While you want a good deal, the car dealer also wants some profit to sustain the business. Know the market value of the car you plan to purchase and any relevant information. That will give ideas and knowledge that will help you during negotiations.


Shop for Present Car Deals

Car manufacturers extend offers on various car models, but some auto dealers in NZ might fail to inform you of such deals. Being proactive and keeping abreast with automakers’ deals will position you in a better bargaining point.


Have a Business Mindset

You want the car, and the car dealer looks forward to closing the deal. Be realistic and bold as you negotiate for a good bargain. Let the NZ best car dealer know your budget cap to create a bargaining range. Coupled with a bit of the car’s knowledge and current price, you’re likely to get a good car deal.


Get Pre-Approved

Walking into a car dealer premise with a loan pre-approval can work in your favor. It shows your willingness, and that provokes the dealership team to get you better financing. Ready for fast online pre-approval? At Kiwi Car Loans, we’ll get you approved from the comfort of your home.


Consider Good Timing

Prioritize purchasing a car when you’re likely to get a great deal. Talking to your dealership early enough allows them to update you when good deals show up. However, the end of the month, quarter, or year attracts good deals because most dealers have already hit their targets.


Negotiate and Buy Outright

Don’t settle on the car dealers’ mentioned price. Negotiate and note the difference when you choose an outright purchase or financing. Focus your negotiation on the overall car price. Best car dealers in NZ will offer crazy discounts when you pay cash for a car.


Look Beyond Monthly Payments

If you only focus on the monthly payments, the car dealer figures might appear like you’re getting the best price, while in reality, you might end up paying more if you’re financing a car for many years. Focus on the vehicle’s total cost and negotiate for flexible payment plans.


Compare Various Dealers

Get prices from various dealers and compare who among them has the best offer. You can obtain such information with ease online.  Save your time and money by initiating a discussion and working with our team at Kiwi Car Loans.


Avoid Suspicious Extra Dealings 

When you walk into most car dealers, focus only on getting your set of wheels. Other extras like insurance can be obtained directly from the providers or other lenders like Kiwi Car Loans at a cheaper rate.


Trade-In Carefully

Separate the car price from the trade-in value; these two elements are independent. Mixing the two might confuse you. Before you confirm your decision to trade-in, request a deal without the trade-in value, then introduce the trade-in after you have the final deal. Learn more about trade-ins here.


Examine the Paperwork Carefully

Never append your signature before you’re clear on all terms. Confirm the numbers and all other terms attached to your purchase. Seek clarity on any clauses or fees that seem confusing and ensure the paperwork is complete.


Don’t Fear to Walk Away

You have the power to accept or decline the deal. The car dealer may be unwilling to negotiate for a better rate, and that shouldn’t ruin your dream to own a car. Source for a better offer elsewhere.


Get the Best Deals from Car Dealers Today

You can save several thousand dollars and enjoy favourable terms if you opt for the best online auto financing lender in NZ. At Kiwi Car Loans, we listen to you and offer the best deals that no car dealer can decline—we understand a good car deal comes with excellent car loan rates. If you want to learn more about getting a car loan today, check out our guide.


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