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Pros and Cons of Getting a Car Loan

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Pros and Cons of Getting a Car Loan

Getting a car loan is a good yet reflective process to many car buyers. A vehicle loan comes in handy when your savings do not allow purchasing a car outright. When managed to perfection, the benefits are overwhelming. However, things can get messy and stressful when you mishandle your vehicle loan.

Besides evaluating your needs and capabilities, don’t overlook the importance of reviewing the pros and cons of settling on motor vehicle finance to make informed decisions. Let’s help you get it right. Keep reading!

So, what are the advantages of a car loan? From easy access to redeeming your credit score, there are multiple ways you can benefit. Let’s run through the list below!


Car finance lenders, especially those operating online, can process your request within the shortest time, offering immediate access to the cash required for your car purchase. In Many scenarios you snooze you loose, hence getting a car loan quickly is always better.

Low Rates and Higher Loan Limits

Getting a secured vehicle loan permits you to access higher loan limits and low interest rates. With that, it’s also easy to upgrade to a higher value car even by trading in your old car and financing the cost gap with a car loan.

100% Financing

You don’t always need to make an upfront payment to receive a car loan. The auto finance company in most cases can fund your purchase 100%.

Tax Deductions

Car loan finance can be an excellent option for purchasing a business vehicle as you can benefit from tax deductions. 

Builds Credit History

Financing your car through vehicle loans in NZ gives you a chance to build your credit history effectively if you make the payments as required. 

Improves Credit Score

NZ vehicle finance doesn’t exclude individuals with a low credit score. Instead, such individuals get an opportunity to improve their credit score provided they can repay on time. 

Are there any disadvantages of acquiring a car loan NZ? The simple answer is yes. They include the following: 


Auto loans come with interest and additional fees, which will cost you more on the car than if you decided to buy in cash. 


The rate of value depreciation in cars is high, so you’ll likely be paying more on loan than your vehicle’s worth.


If the car is placed as collateral, you don’t own it until you clear the auto finance. Failure to which the lender has the right to repossess it. 

What to know:

  • Your credit history will impact your borrowing power and interest rate. 
  • Use the online car payment calculator to establish affordability. It’ll help you take out a loan you can repay comfortably. 
  • Before taking out a car loan, evaluate various offers from the different vehicle finance NZ companies.

Should You Take Out a Car Loan?

While it’s your choice to make based on your circumstances, take time to think through this review. If you have the cash to finance your car purchase, a car loan may not be necessary unless you want to build your credit history. But, if you don’t have the finances, getting an auto loan may be a great deal if you can repay it.  For the best car finance deals, Kiwi Car Loans  NZ, satisfies you fully.


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