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Why choose Kiwi Car Loans as your Finance Broker?Kiwi Car Loans - your Finance Broker of Choice

When organising Car Finance - whether it’s for personal or business use, it is extremely important to do your research and consider all the options to ensure you get the best possible finance solution for you and your circumstances.  However – not everyone has the time to do this, nor do you necessarily know where to start!

Kiwi Car Loans offers the best possible solution for all your financing needs.  We do the hard work for you, and present you with the best offer – taking advantage of our knowledge and bulk buying power.

We have a wide choice of Finance Lenders

Kiwi Car Loans has a panel of lenders to choose from.  This gives us a distinct advantage with competitive rates that others simply cannot offer.  Banks will only have one option and dealerships tend to only have accreditations with at most three finance companies - some of which you may never have heard of.

At Kiwi Car Loans, we have accreditations with over 12 leading lenders and compare them on your behalf to get you the best finance rate for your circumstances.

This also gives you the advantage of letting you purchase the car anywhere you choose - whether it’s from a Dealership, via Trade Me or a Private Sale.

Kiwi Car Loans Lenders


We work for you

Our elite team of Finance Brokers have the advantage of having a thorough understanding of each and every one of our lender’s individual guidelines.  It’s their job to ensure they stay up-to-date with any guideline changes or policy updates as well as hunting around for the lowest interest rates currently available. This unique knowledge enables us to effectively compare finance solutions for you to secure the right finance for your individual requirements.

We have spent years establishing relationships with our Finance Companies and negotiating interest rates.  We are able to ‘paint a picture’ to the lender on your behalf, explain your circumstances and why you deserve a great rate.

Things to think about

  1. Applying at several different places adds further enquiries to your Credit Report
    Hence lowering your Credit Score – we do our best to ensure the minimal number of enquiries by getting it right the first time as often as possible.
  2. It’s not all about the interest rate
    One company might offer a lower rate – but they may have higher establishment fees, monthly maintenance fees and an early termination fee which can cancel out any interest saving.  Rather than comparing the interest rates, consider comparing the actual weekly or monthly repayment instead. This will give you a much more accurate comparison since the repayments include fees and charges.
  3. We want you to return
    It’s in our best interest to give you a great deal so you come back to us next time and even refer your family and friends.
  4. Every customer is different and every deal is different
    Finance is all based on customer profile and how much you are borrowing – take advantage of our experience in this.
  5. We do the work for you
    We take care of liaising with the Dealer and Seller for details, processing the paperwork for pay out and Identification Requirements.
  6. Pre-approved Finance
    Not sure how much you can borrow? – We can get a pre-approval for you so you know what to look for when you go shopping.
  7. We can also assist you with Insurance
    Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, Credit Contract Insurance, GAP Insurance and Motor Vehicle Insurance – we can talk you through Insurances available and offer competitive prices.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new or used car, make sure you speak to the experts first. We can organise a fast, hassle-free finance approval and get you into your vehicle of choice sooner. We can also arrange simple and convenient insurance solutions and even help you find your perfect vehicle.

Our car finance consultants are available 7 days a week for your convenience and can answer any questions you may have about finance. Give us a call today on 0800 008 888 or apply online in just 60 seconds.


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