6 Tips to Help You Negotiate Your Next Car like a Boss

6 Tips to Help You Negotiate Your Next Car like a Boss

The idea of negotiating a car deal can seem like a daunting prospect, especially if you don’t know much about finance or cars.

However, even if you have a bad credit rating, haven’t negotiated before or don’t know much about cars, there are still things that you can do to help get the best finance possible and negotiate your next car like a boss. The best interest rates and perfect car won’t simply fall into your lap though; some effort and research is required in order to get the best possible deal. But to help you get started there are some handy tips and tricks that can bring you that much closer to getting the best deal on your next car.

Knowledge is power

The adage, knowledge is power, has never been more true than when it comes to negotiating for the best car deal. Knowing the details and specifications about the vehicle you’re looking at and exactly how much its worth is essential to ensure you are getting the best possible deal.

If you’re looking to finance a car, also have a look at your credit file first if you think you might have any defaults. Knowing what they are and why they occurred can help you to negotiate a much better deal than if you are blindsided by your credit file. If you’re in a position to repay them, try to contact any financial institutions who have listed defaults on your credit file and negotiate a payment plan with them. Above all, this demonstrates to financiers that you are able and willing to repay a loan.

Know how much you need to borrow

Knowing the exact make and model of the vehicle you want to buy and how much it is worth is the key for getting you the best possible bargaining position on both your finance and the vehicle price. No matter whether you’re talking to a financier, broker or car dealer, knowing precisely what you need will make you much more decisive in the negotiation process.

Know what you can afford to repay

When you know how much you need to borrow, the next thing to know is how much you can afford to repay on a monthly basis. Using a loan calculator like the one on our website will help you to know whether you can afford the car repayments in addition to your current financial commitments.

Knowing how long you can afford to make monthly repayments and what you can afford to pay overall are also important when it comes to setting your budget. If you have all of this outlined before you go in then it makes it much easier to negotiate and avoid being saddled with the loan for longer than you need to be. Usually, if you can afford to make extra repayments, it will help to lower the total amount of interest payable over the duration of the loan.

Aggression and Abrasion will get you nowhere

Though you do need to be firm when undertaking any form of negotiation, you must remember that the moment you start to become aggressive or start to become hostile, people are going to be less willing to negotiate with you. Remember the saying, ‘you catch more flies with honey than vinegar’? Sellers, financiers, brokers and car dealers alike will usually be more willing to negotiate a deal with you if you’re friendly and easy-going.

Take a cheque with you

When it comes to car loans, dealerships make offer you finance, but remember that the dealership may only deal with specific financiers. It is very likely that you may be able to get a better finance deal somewhere else. If you go to the dealership prepared with a cheque in hand after already organising finance yourself, you may be in a better position to negotiate because they know you’re a serious buyer. You will have a maximum budget that you can spend, which means that you can’t be talked into spending more money than you have budgeted for by the sales people. It also gives you more control over the negotiations because dealer’s and private sellers alike are very aware that you can always find a different vehicle if you’re not happy with the price and they don’t have any leverage over your finance.

Don’t take the first offer

You might have an idea about what sort of vehicle you are after, but remember that you don’t have to settle for the first one that pops up. Don’t allow yourself to be talked into the first car you see by an overzealous sales person.

Take some time to research cars that you think might be suitable. Think about what you will be using it for and your lifestyle. Find a vehicle to fits in with you, not a vehicle you think you might like. Once you’ve narrowed your search down to a couple of favourites, go out and view them. Try to avoid purchasing a vehicle, especially a pre-owned vehicle without test driving it first. Once you know what type of vehicle you want, have a look at a few of them so that you can get a good gauge of the average condition they should be in.

If you have done your research, know the budget you have to work with, know the condition of your credit file and have the right attitude whilst you are negotiating, then you can be sure that you are in the position to negotiate your next car like a boss.


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